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Who is Elite Perfection Autosalon??

 Premium Auto Detailing

Elite Perfection Autosalon is a Mobile detail service established in 2019. We provide Premium auto detailing services and vow to only offer the highest quality of work! We offer different packages to suit all customer needs.


Do You have major Paint imperfections?? Correction is in your future!

The Paint Correction service will enhance the look of your paint and give it new life. Adding the Ceramic Coating will protect the corrected paint and keep it looking it’s best for years to come!

Paint Correction

Service Details and Prices

With different packages available pick out what best suits your needs!

Elite Detail

Starting at:


Car $100

Truck $200

SUV'S $200

Van $350

*additional fees may apply

•Pre rinse,

•Foam cannon wash

•Light bug removal

•Instant 6 week spray wax

•No sling tire dressing

•Clean wheels & tires

•Thoroughly vacuum interior (small cracks  and crevices) Including door jam

wipe down.

•Interior wipe down (dash, door panels, cup holders, radio, seats)

•Air freshener

•Streak free window cleaning     

Elite Additional Services

Ceramic Coatings

Machine Waxs

Paint Corrections

Paint Enhancement/Polishing

Glass Treatments

Engine Bay Details

Detailed Interior/Carpet Shampoo/Headliner

Steaming/Odor Treatments

*additional fees may apply

All Prices will be giving upon inspection of vehicle!

Elite Resale

(To help enhance the resale value)

Starting at:



*additional fees may apply


•Pre rinse

•Foam cannon wash

•Engine bay cleaned with steam

• Machine wax

•Wheels, tires, and wheel wells cleaned

•No sling tire dressing

•Thoroughly vacuum interior (small cracks and crevices)

•Wipe down interior

•Clean all plastic areas

•Air freshener

•Streak free window cleaning

•Blow water out of cracks and crevices

•Trunk cleaned

•Spot treating interior

•Dye plastic black as needed

Additional Services Offered Upon Request

Final Pricing is based upon vehicle for additional service

*Additional Fees may be Applied:

Out of Alachua County Fees Are Applied!!

Vehicle not ready for detail (cleaned out excess trash and items): $20.00

Abundant amount of Pet Hair (adds more time to the detail): $50.00



Does not remove paint overspray 

Does not remove heavy bug splatter/damage 

Does not remove heavy pet hair

Does not remove heavy sand

"I needed my engine bay cleaned and detailed but I also knew it was a delicate process and I didn't want to damage anything, so I sourced out the help of Elite and needless to say I was so impressed with the work I let them detail the entire vehicle and now they have a client for life!"


Gainesville, FL

"Extremely happy with the work and the attention to detail! Definitely booking again."


Gainesville, FL

"You did the impossible!"


Newberry, FL

Outside Detail

Foam Cannon Wash and Spray Wax

Contact Us


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Contact us today and tell us what kind of service your looking for and how we can make the difference in your vehicle!

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